Money Management Simplified (Part 2) (via Business Advice by Mark So)

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Money Management Simplified (Part 2) In part one of this article, (Click here if you have not yet read it) I explained how to simplify your finances by just completing a few simple exercises on a piece of paper and I explained the three scenarios that you are probably in right now. So let’s continue our discussion right now. If you are currently in Scenario 1, you would want to move up to scenario 2 and scenario 3 immediately right? And if you are in scenario 2, your end goal is to … Read More

via Business Advice by Mark So

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CR can stand for my initials but it also stands for  comfort room. Locals always uses CR and not the whole word when in restaurants, movies, schools Like, “miss, where’s you CR?”, ” Do you have a CR?”.

For me CR means, not only a place where we deposit excesses but a place of contemplation, revelation and EUREKA! Most solutions for my problems were thought out in the CR!

Just this morning, I was already sitting there, and thought, “oh why didn’t I think of it earlier…”, then my daughter interrupted my train of thoughts because she was in a hurry to use the CR. I know if I go back inside the CR, I would still be able to think, but not go back to what I was thinking of before I was interrupted.

My husband also uses the CR as a place to memorize. He said that he thinks and concentrates better inside the CR.

So how about you? How do you use your CR?

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